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2018 Classes Re-start February

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2017 End of Year Concert

Our End of Year concert is done for 2017! What an afternoon it was! The girls put the best foot forward showing off their talents and performing to the best of their ability! Congratulatins to all our award winners for the afternoon! Congratulations to all our wonderful performers and thanks to all their supporters for coming along this afternoon! Looking forward to 2018!

Coaches wanted for 2018

Doncaster Calisthenics Club is a Committee run club that has been has been active in the community for 51 years and growing rapidly in numbers. The Doncaster selection sub-committee are now calling for expressions of interest from Level 1 accredited or aspiring coaches for 2018 for all sections in the following roles:

– Head Coaches
– Assistant Coaches
– Cadets/Class Helpers

All applications are confidential, please do not hesitate to contact us – we look forward to hearing from you all.
Chris White (President) on behalf of Coaching Selection Sub-Commitee
Phone: 0400 594 961 or Email:
Applications close 30 November 2017.

Final Big 2 weeks of our Comp Season

The last couple of weeks have been huge seeing all of our Teams compete at the State Championships in Bendigo and our Tinies finishing off the Competition Season at Westside. The Tinies kicked off the State Competitions with the Red team placing in all items and our little White team of 6 became 5 but went on and did us proud.

Next up were the Seniors performing at Westside and though sadly just missing out on places all day in what was a very high scoring and hard fort competition they would have received a Highly Commended in Revue had it have not been for a pesky timing penalty.

The following Wednesday saw our Subbies and Juniors head to Bendigo for a big day at the State Championships, held at the gorgeous Ulumbarra Theatre. The weather was fine picking up some places through out the day.

Saturday saw the Inters and Seniors turn at the State Championships and Bendigo brought us yet another gorgeous day! First up were the Inters and never far from the Judges mind they placed in every item which saw them come Runners Up over all, all that attended and Coaches were very proud of our girls! Amazing work Inters.

The Seniors were the final team to compete at the State Championships with a tough act to follow, especially with all the Injuries they have sustained this year. They went on to perform well however just missing out on places in all items except Cal Revue where they scored a very exciting 3rd.

Lastly the Tinies performed at Westside and what a morning it was! The Red Tinies yet again placing in all items and the exciting moment where the White Tinies also received Special Mention for their Dance and Song congratulations to all!

With Presentation night coming up and the End of Year concert in 2 weeks we look forward to the end of the year and celebrating all that we as a club have achieved.

If you are interested in joining our club please head to our 'Contact us' page and send us an email.

Congratulations Columbia & Aaron

Yesterday was our gorgeous Sub-Juniors Coach & Seniors Team Member Columbia and her wonderful man Aaron's beautiful wedding! The Seniors thoroughly enjoyed the celebration with lots of dancing and food. The weather could not have been better if it tried. Truly an amazing day to begin a fabulous married life. We wish you nothing but happiness.


The last 3 weekends have seen all of teams make their debut's on the 2017 Competition Stage! Our Inter and Juniors kicked it off at Northen Districts and Mountain District having an absolute ball.

The following weekend saw 3 of our teams make for one very busy Saturday with our wonderful Tinies, Juniors and Seniors all on stage throughout the day! Our Red Tinies making a splash scoring 1sts for all of their items!

This past weekend saw our wonderful Sub Juniors on stage for the first time and our Inters took the stage for the 2nd time! All coaches very proud to see our girls get out on stage and give it there best go! Lot's to learn from the Adjudicators crits and plenty to improve to go on to our next comps!! A weekend off this week but back into it the following weekend with our Seniors off to Northern!

Check out our Comp Results page for all results so far and updates as comps continue - updated as we go! And keep up that practice practice practice girls! Go Doncaster!!

Diana Ferrari Fashion Fundraising Event

What a wonderful Event this was! Thank-you so much to all that cam

It has been confirmed that we managed to shop our way to a wonderful tally of $732.50 to be raised for the Club!

We look forward to the event again next year!

Visit by Cali-Bear

Cali-Bear came to visit the Saturday Tinies!!!

Cali Bear awarded our club with our 2 star rating certificate as part of the Star Club Program created by CVI.

If you would like to find out more about what this means please head to:

The girls were all super excited to meet Cali Bear. We would like to thank Erica for bringing him in to visit and presenting us with our Certificate. Big thanks to Joy and the committee for all of the hard work to obtain our 2 Star rating!!



DCC 2017 Award Winners

(29 Oct 2017)

The Marj Plummer Memorial Trophy:   The 2017 White Tinies - Charlize R, Amelia C, Abigail L, Sophia L, Alannah L and Kerri Z                                                                                  
The Margery Hazlett Memorial Award:   Glacia Y
White Tinies 2017:

Coach's Award:  Alannah L

Red Tinies 2017:

Coach's Award:  Ellie Y

Most Improved Award:  Amelie S

Rising Star Award: Zhijun L

Encouragement Award:  Vicky L

White SubJuniors 2017:

Coach's Award:  Saskia A

Most Improved Award:  Rosie M

Most Consistent Award:  Bernice Ma

Red Sub-Juniors 2017:

Coach's Award: Taylor R

Most Improved Award: Alysha L

Most Consistent Award: Sarah K

Juniors 2017:

Coach's Award:  Emma H

Encouragement Awards:  Karis L & Betty Z

Most Improved Award: Estelle W

Intermediates 2017:

Coach's Award:  Anastasia K

Most Improved Award:  Matilda S

Team Spirit Award:  Christine W

Seniors 2017:

Coach's Award:  Danielle W

Team Spirit Award:  Nicole Galea




Doncaster Calisthenics Club present their 46th Annual Display

Please enjoy a short video from our 2012 Annual Display......